Hyper-V Community + Hybrid Cloud Community Pre-Day am 14. Mai

Jan zeigt in seiner Session live die Installation von einem Grafana-System, die benötigten Konfigurationsschritte sowie die Einstellungen auf den S2D-Knoten.

Jan Kappen

As PFE in Microsoft I saw numerous customers and their installations. In this session I would like to describe the best practices and how check the environment if the best practices are followed.

Jaromir Kaspar

Join me for a first look at PMEN in Windows Server 2019 and the possibilities this opens up.

Didier van Hoye

In this session you will learn how I use WSLab effectively. This session will be full of demos and will be highly interactive (open discussion welcomed…). You will learn how to build large demos in minutes and how to be successful in the field with WSLab.

Jaromir Kaspar

Want to get started with Windows Containers or just want to get an overview about the different container technologies? This session gives you an overview about Windows and Hyper-V Containers as you can run them in your environment using Docker on Windows 10, Windows Server or even the different options in Azure, using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) or Azure Container Instances (ACI).

Thomas Maurer
11:15-12:15 | Tudor Damian
Defining a Cloud Strategy – finding your Peace of Mind

When people talk about moving workloads to the Cloud, most times they just hear the technical mumbo-jumbo – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DevOps & automation, containers, and so on.

This session argues we should perhaps sit back for a bit and discuss the need to develop a coherent, long-term Cloud strategy, even before taking the first step towards a Cloud-centric or hybrid approach.

In the end, it’s all about looking at the hows and whys of moving to the Cloud, planning a clear roadmap of your migration, and making sure that once you get there, you can sleep better at night knowing you’ve got everything under control.

Tudor Damian

Hybrid Cloud Sizing and Pricing. Licensing in Hybrid Environments.

Armin Haupt

Azure Stack is consistent with Public Azure, so storage caps and limits are set to follow the same rules as much as possible. There are, however, a number of differences in the underlying storage architectures and configurations which change the rules of the game.

Here we’ll dive deep into the storage systems of Azure Stack, moving from tenant workload right down to bare metal and everything in between. You will understand how workloads will perform in varying configurations, how the Storage Spaces Direct hyperconverged storage infrastructure is configured under the hood, and important gotchas to be aware of when sizing and planning your Azure Stack.

Kenny Lowe

Azure Stack allows you to extend Azure to your datacenter and run Azure Services under your terms. With Azure Stack HCI, the latest member in the Azure Stack family, we also offer a great hyper-converged infrastructure solution, with optional Azure connected services. Find out more about Azure Stack and Azure Stack HCI, how these solutions can help you to in your Hybrid Cloud strategy. Learn about the features and services you will get by offering Azure Stack to your customers and how you can build a true Hybrid Cloud experience.

Thomas Maurer

Sobald Kunden VMs in die CLoud migrieren stellt sich die Frage, wie die hybride VM-Landschaft effizient überwacht werden kann und mit welchen Mitteln schnell und einfach tiefgründige Einblicke realisiert werden können. In dieser Session zeigt Microsoft Azure MVP Marcel Zehner auf, wie Azure Monitor (und spezifisch Log Analytics Workspaces) genutzt werden kann, um genau das zu realisieren.

Marcel Zehner


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